From here….
….in the hinterlands known as Redlands. Moved out here when I lost my apartment. Living on GR and FS. Fortunately I had met a lovely woman that I’d fell for a few months before. We were both avowed poly’s. Yeah, that works. She took me in when I lost the place. Well first she took my stuff in and my cats. Then when shelters fell through she had me come out. We’ve been living together for about 2 months now. It’s nice. Cozy. And she’s great to curl up with.

And the rest of life is on hold. I am housewife and childcare giver now. She works part time from about 2-6 PM, so I watch her son when he comes home, clean and make dinner. I enjoy it. We chat in the evenings and play games. But it’s definitely not moving things forward. I can’t really look for a job while taking care of a child. And I’ve never been one to go for creating another latch key child.

Now some may think that the child probably was latch key before…. um, no. A difficult situation. you see she is married. Her husband moved out the week before I moved in. I can go on and say that her husband was one in name only for their entire marriage. But that’s not my call. And yes she want’s a divorce, but does not have the money to afford one, especially with a child involved. And yes, we were sleeping together before he moved out to Arizona. Does that make me a bad person. I know I told myself all the reasons I wasn’t. And it was great waking up in the morning and seeing her sleeping next to me when she’d come to visit. But it still leaves our status nebulous.

The child. He’s 10 in 5th grade and a brat. Spoiled a bit much and (yes I am saying this) spends too much time with electronics instead of with other kids. Up side of that is we may never deal with the gang issue. Downside is that next year is middle school and they may eat him alive. And while he gets on my nerves sometimes, because he’s not mine and I can’t make the rules, I still like him and have come to care for him. And I get on his nerves as well… I know it. But I also know he’s stood up and defended me to his friends. And that’s a lot for a 10 year old. So I am proud of him as well.

Christmas is upon us and I’m figuring all that out… and procrastinating. Tree is up. Christmas eve dinner with the boys. Rob is cooking so it’s all on him. Myst (the woman in my life) works till 6 PM xmas eve, so we’ll be dashing there to eat. Boys are spending xmas day with their mom. Oh, wedding went well. I didn’t go as I didn’t want to distract from their day. He’s a nice decent guy. Human, but good. The pics were lovely. I just wish someone had of recorded it so I could have heard my youngest (19) playing with his quartet at it. Middle son performed the wedding. The Jill and Mark looked very happy and I am happy for them. She’s dealing with some things now and I am glad he is there to be with her.

Transition due to funding is stalled for now. So I still have to figure out how to get…..

…. to there.


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