About this site, and a bit about me.

Hey, welcome

So you took a wrong turn on the expressway and ended up here; You’re a radical feminist who is looking for some transgender woman to rant at/about; You’re a transgender person looking for other voices on the interwebs; You’re queer and questioning, and looking for information; You’re a dude bro who makes fun of trans people but is secretly scared you are one.

Welcome all. Just remember this is my space, my home. Comments are moderated as I don’t want to spend all my time cleaning the carpet, drapes, and walls. My opinions are my own. I do not speak for all trans people. Many may find things here that resonate with them, but trans people are not a monolithic homogeneous group. We don’t all think or act the same. We don’t all vote the same. And we definitely don’t all date the same. We are straight, gay, lesbian, queer, asexual, pansexual, searching. We are single, monogamous, poly, or just figuring it out. We are well educated, flunked out of school, PhDs,  self taught, apprenticed, on our first, second, third career. Married, divorced, widowed, playing the field, staying at home. We are like a cross section of the human race, and the only thing we all have in common is that we are trans….. and some don’t agree on even that.

What we are not, is sick, ill, diseased, or some variant of those due to being transgender. We may be any of those in addition to being transgender, but it is not our being transgender that makes us that way.

Yes, those are my opinions. But as this is ‘my house’ my opinions rule. Other things can be discussed and debated, but not those. You do not get the right to claim I do not have the right to live, breath, work, eat, or shit in this virtual house.

So enough of that rant. Who am I?

I’m transgender (duh). I’m female identified. I’m poly in a monogamous relationship with a woman (which makes me a lesbian for those checking off boxes). I’m older than god. And twice as crusty. I am a mentor and a mentee. I have been a trans mom and have a trans mom. I’m a parent, and a pseudo step. I’ve been in love, married, divorced. I’ve lived long enough to loose all of my parent’s generation.

I’ve worked many jobs. Dishwasher, mechanic, laundry worker, set builder, Army (11B, Pan Mun Jom), lighting wonk, roadie, R&D tech, network administrator, teacher, unemployed, managed tech service provider. I’ve traveled a fair amount of the world, but have many places still to visit. I’m a Liberal, socialist in general, feminist, antifacist, and strong supporter of equal treatment/equal rights.

I’ve lived in barracks, rentals, homes I’ve owned, and in my car.

I grew up in a redneck, somewhat liberal family. My father admitted that he was a racist due to how he was raised, but tried to raise us to not be because he saw the pain and hurt it caused. And I know I still have work to do.

I’ve been in abusive relationships, and I’ve been in relationships that I now realize that I was the abuser. For the former I’ve tried to learn and avoid those types of relationships. For the latter I’ve tried to learn to be a much better person, apologize, and make amends to any that I may have hurt over the years. I really feel that only by accepting the things we personally have done wrong, and those we have hurt, can we ever really move forward.

I like all sorts of movies, music, books. I love meeting new people and learning new things. I like puzzles and figuring out how things work. I like discussions, but admittedly hate arguments. They don’t solve things and just hurt people. In the end one side gives in and sublimates their opinions rather than keep fighting.

I have grown and hopefully will continue to grow.


As to this place, it’s a home to my thoughts, my rants, my insights, and my fears. Some posts are informative. Some are well structured. Others are rambling. Some may touch your heart, while others leave you cold. What they all are is personal parts of me ripped from my soul and placed on display.

But how you react to them says more about you than it does about me for writing them.

But they will get me from here…..

…..to there.