I’m not Superwoman…..

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I’m not Superwoman…..

I hear day after day that I’m special, I’m strong, I’m worthwhile. Hun, I’m not Superwoman.

I cry at night.

I drink too much to dull the pain.

I end up in bad ‘relationships’ (what ever that means) because I am so desperate for affection.

I sabotage possible good relationships because I am so desperate.

I cut myself to push the pain away

I cut myself to bleed and know I am still alive.

I am scared.

I am scared of going out.

I am scared of the looks.

I am scared of the whispers.

I am scared of the fingers and the laughter.

I am afraid of applying for jobs.

I am afraid of interviews.

I am afraid of stores.

Of shopping for food.

Of walking down the street, riding a bus, a train.

I am scared of dying.

I am scared of living.

I feel small.

I feel weak.

I feel lost.

I cry in the car.

I cry in the bathroom.

I cry when I look at myself in a mirror.

And no one knows.

I’m not Superwoman.

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