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Where life goes on. Thanksgiving came and went. Two of my kids came over the day after Thanksgiving and we spent time together. Quite enjoyed that. We skipped the actual Thanksgiving day as Myst had to work. No worries, a down day is often a blessing. Picked up a few things from stores that were open so we were ready on Friday. Chatted lots and enjoyed the company. The youngest had to leave by 5:30 though as he had a show to do (He was in Arsenic and Old Lace). Now on to the winter holidays. Hoping to go see lights in Naples for Christmas Eve. This year the holidays are a bit hard on Myst for reasons that are hers to share. I can just try and be there for her.

Politics. After the amazing elections in the first week of November it seems the Orange haired one is trying to strike back even more. He’s gone on the offensive attacking any minority rights, especially the trans community. On the plus side two federal courts blocked he ban on trans people in the military. Sadly the new makeup of the Supreme court does not give me hope that they will uphold the decisions. And it seems that if you are republican you can have ‘Christian values” such as pedophilia and still get elected as a Senator if Roy Moore goes ahead and wins in Alabama.

#MeToo – the has been one of the biggest things to come out of the last couple of months. Women (and men) are standing up and speaking up about sexual abuse and actually being listened to. There have been some missteps along the way, but the number of people (mostly men) who have been fired or resigned due to sexual impropriety is amazing. No we are seeing a number of men complaining about not being able to hug women. Hey, ASK. Consent, it’s a thing. No person owes another person a hug, or anything else for that matter. Listen and learn. These women have been complaining for years. It is well past time they were listened to. And maybe, just maybe, those changes will  spill over into a lot of the discriminatory work practices that have been prevalent for….well, forever.

But as a number of people have pointed out, true progress isn’t progress unless it is intersectional. If the only people benefiting from all of this blow back against the bro culture is white cis straight females, then it hasn’t been progress. Those most effected by the things that have long happened and held as tradition by white cis straight males have been the most marginalized of the minorities. The women, the poor, the people of color, the members of the LGBTQI community, especially trans people. So if your change doesn’t include poor lesbian trans women of color, it needs work.

And the TDoR recently passed. Please remember our trans brothers and sisters we have lost to violence, and especially TWoC (trans women of color) as they are predominantly the ones who year after year are murdered.

So onto the holidays. I am very cautiously optimistic that we all can get…

…. to there.



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